3 thoughts on “How they rig it”

  1. Your right, and only you and Karl are calling it for what it is, a sliding depression, even giving them the solutions to turn it around, but they have totally rejected the recommendations, which is a proper overhaul of the tax system. Could not believe when I read that the Tax commissioner D’ Ascenzo wants the ‘Enzo’ Ferrari of pay packets when he has done no fundamental reform of tax system to Henry review recommendations. ‘The clouds are gathering around us as they did in 1936. Once again
    We are faced with a way of life which in our hearts we know is wrong, but which others
    Believe fanatically & we for our own part, continue to live as though we believe in nothing but our own comfort & superficial prosperity’-quoted source (The ed of civilised man)

  2. Amazing! If that huge wire fence I saw on TV, wasn’t entrapment then what is? Is that the new portable economic refugee centre? Drunks harass people daily on the streets, yet no guys in black uniforms? But if citizens have a peaceful complaint about the financial system as a sit in, then immediately the City council shows maximum intolerance and extreme prejudice. No doubt the occupy Melbourne crowd had their motives and actions manipulated by being forced onto the streets, by which they obstructed others? while the fuehrer stood from his porch watching the spectacle

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