A new word: “VIMMLBUTT” ?

It needs to catch on, like the virus: except it’s remedial in nature.

It’s made up of 3 separate acronyms representing what’s actually necessary right now if we’re to manufacture socio-economic repair over the next 10 years. Anything less won’t do it.

We need an overarching approach: petty pro tem detail [like JobKeeper and JobSeeker] aren’t enough.

MMT [Modern Monetary Theory]

UBI [A “living wage” Universal Basic Income]

LVT [Land Value Taxation]

Best I can do from the 9 letters of the 3 acronyms is the word VIMMLBUTT : pronounced “vimmelbutt”?

That’s it.

We need to insert VIMMLBUTT into our social discourse and fabric.

Otherwise, things are going to get pretty bad over the next ten years.