This quite telling record of Australia’s booms and busts since 1972 has had to be discontinued in 2020. The data contained therein used to be freely available from the states and the Northern Territory, although a charge was made by the governments of Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory.

Core Logic has managed to attain a monopoly on these real estate sales figures from the states and territories who made the decicion to privatise these formerly publicly-available data, presumably for an annual charge.

Whereas Core Logic charged Prosper Australia $3000 + GST as a fee for Australia’s total real estate sales for the 2018 financial year, it decided to increase the amount by 42%, to $4250, for provision of the 2019 sales data.

Due to straitened economic circumstances arising from the coronavius and other immediate priorities, Prosper Australia has been forced to advise Core Logic that it is unable to meet the $4250 figure.

We must trust the Australian Bureau of Statistics is never privatised by seekers of rent from public data.