2 thoughts on “OCCUPY MELBOURNE (CONT’D.) …”

  1. Well said. Poor ol’ John-Michael Howson is clueless. People are making the statement that something’s radically awry.

    But this bothers him and other one percenters, so those in the city square must be just trouble makers.

  2. A couple silly concerns made on mainstream talkback radio

    Quote: – ‘They don’t represent the 99% I belong too.

    My reply: – Who’s that? The Zombie-ocracy?

    Quote-: ‘Protest? Not on my taxes’

    My reply: – ‘its not your taxes! Everyone pays GST, even the homeless, beggars
    and the poor who pay more than the rich. Besides, who said some of the demonstrators are not Landlords and other workers funding their own day off, through their savings. And why is it OK for your taxes to be used to bail out gambles & speculators, with no productive purpose, and paid by future generations with no prospect of paying the national debt off!

    Quote: – ‘Their had their turn, and have made their point’, ‘and others would like to use the square’

    My reply: – Typical Neo-liberal think of public parks and land to be carved up to be for only commercial purposes dominated, and community to serve it.
    And ‘had their turn’ has come to mean, you can only micro-protest for three minutes, and then must move on. Perhaps only one topic can ever be demonstrated in the square once, and never again. The pursuit by forces on 22nd Oct, may amount to harassment of freedom of association without warrant of surveillance evident, and evidence of being a public nuisance or disturbing the peace or obstructing commercial or other rights of passage of commercial and non-commercial activity, and thus a manipulation of public activity as if agent provocateurs

    Remember the rights all Australians have enjoyed, were the results of movements
    Over the century by labor unions and others, those who are forces may take this for granted, and uphold Australians rights, otherwise they are not worthy to express those rights in their own lives or enjoy them, when they are done away under state tyranny.

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