I WENT ALONG TODAY to “Occupy Melbourne”, with Karl Fitzgerald and the Prosper Australia team who’ve been there regularly.

What a great spirit was happening at the City Square!

Let some of the mainstream accuse the “Occupy” movement of this or that, but I was incredibly impressed and encouraged.

To those people bemused about what we’re on about when we’re clearly not as badly off in Australia as people in the USA, Ireland, Greece, Italy … etc.,  (yet), I would simply ask is it necessary to implode fully before we start to challenge the arrant nonsense that delivers Australians’ common wealth to rent-seeking parasites, whilst the 99% pays taxes on its comings and goings?

A great day, with a number of passers-by and inquirers agreeing that Prosper Australia and others at the City Square have much to recommend their ideas.

My day was surprisingly topped off for me when Alex’s groovy little band of musos gave the microphone to Karl Fitzgerald who then proceeded to do an incredible five minute rap on E-CON-O-MISTS.  And didn’t the crowd love it! Hidden talents, no longer, K2!

Good luck guys! The Melbourne City Council has been good so far.  I trust the Queen’s visit doesn’t have Lord Mayor Robert Doyle move in on you.

One thought on “OCCUPY MELBOURNE”

  1. If you see those occupy people circling around Federation square
    Or the city fringe in future, Don’t worry, their looking for public space that has not been privatised and does not charge a toll to demonstrate by our now crony councils!
    They have privatised and toll-booth the right to freedom of association and assembly
    In the name of corporate tyranny. Its an irony that freedom of peaceful assembly and the privatisation of public space like the now public privatised square, is part of what the occupy movement is about. Feed up with powerful corporations hiding behind commonwealth seals and logo’s and calling themselves government when they are not, because they can tell you too move on, and tollbooth everything. As for lord Robert Baron from the clowns hall on 774 ABC mornings. What a display arrogance in addressing talkback callers supporting democratic push back of the now powerful corporate interests that influence councils and public policy, that squeeze out the poor to the fringes so, they have to perpetually circle the city like a donut while the speculators and rent-seekers confiscate the publicly created jam in the centre all to themselves and share none!

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