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MARK COLVIN: Riot police with dogs, horses and capsicum spray have been out against Occupy Melbourne protesters today. Since last Saturday a small group of protesters had camped out in the city square protesting against corporate greed.

But things turned ugly at lunchtime today. The action to disperse the protesters closed off the inner city to traffic and trams for four hours. At least six protesters and two police officers were injured and at least 20 protesters were arrested this afternoon.

Alison Caldwell reports on the day’s events.

(Sounds of protesters)

ALISON CALDWELL: It was just before midday when around 400 police descended on the Occupy Melbourne protesters. Riot police with dogs and horses pushed the protesters out of City Square and up into Swanston Street on the corner of Collins Street.

Protesters who fell to their feet were dragged away by police. Some complained of being capsicum sprayed.

PROTESTERS (Chanting): We are Occupy Melbourne. We are the 99 per cent.

ALISON CALDWELL: The protesters who’d spent the past week camped out in Melbourne’s city square alongside a five-star hotel with luxury boutique stores and an American coffee chain; all symbols of corporate excess according to the protesters.

Karl Fitzgerald is with a group calling itself Prosper Australia.

KARL FITZGERALD: Our prime concern is the corporate control over our very lives. The influence of lobbyocracy distorting what was once known as democracy. And, of course, the big one, the dominance of speculative capitalism that is undermining so many people’s freedoms. You can’t do much when you’ve got no money in your wallet. And the housing boom is only good for a few people, not the majority.

ALISON CALDWELL: He says there was no need for police to be so heavy handed.

KARL FITZGERALD: People were, you know, really were staunchly defending what was once the city square. It’s now been cleansed, another corporate cleansing going on, and what a pity when we had such a festival of community going on for the last week.


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  1. 99% =9+9=18 divide by 3 = 666. We are the 99%. Sorry! Damn accountant got the numerology wrong again, its actually 98.999901% + GST, and what’s with this whole Cameron Mayors & Ministers who are anti-camping, or against people who fall asleep while in a park, ‘Healthy parks, healthy people’. St Paul’s London should not be angry with the occupy group their as their chief founder of Christianity, Paul was a lowly Tentmaker by trade. Would they evict St Paul for camping on their grounds? It’s the whole, they’re not paying a mortgage or rent, it’s a free sleep, like angry drivers who fume at cyclists thinking they’re getting a free trip. Down shifting Envy. By the way, It used to be like, ‘I hope my ASIO report doesn’t have me ticked as a communist, if I protest, and now it’s actually like that’s what they want you to be these days compared to the Nam Protests. Now for an ASIO report on ASIO subconsciously leans & is influenced to the bias of Neo-con right, with an APAC centric concern towards foreign policy. They said the rate cut is a signal that some parts of the economy are sluggish & under pressure, Yes the RBA is the sluggish part of the economy under pressure because they have no tools left in the toolbox and have screwed the real economy over which is households!

  2. And Just last month the Lame-stream, Press-titute Media and politicians were lamenting and whining on TV, that young people just don’t get involved in politics anymore, party memberships are at an all time low, and what happened to all those colourful characters & protests of the 1980’s…. Well. Now we know why!

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