Andrew Liveris, Australian chairman and CEO of the American multinational Dow Chemical Company, gave a near-brilliant speech to the Australian Press Council on Thursday.

The following day, Liveris actually replaced Jamie Dimon as chair of the US Business Council.

It is potentially good news for America that a wealth-creator replaces a failed member of the FIRE (finance, insurance and real estate) service sector which was allowed to run amok during the course of the real estate bubble.

Let’s hope Liveris’ appointment proves to be more than a symbolic move for America.

Near-brilliant speech?

Yes, it was indeed inspirational but it failed to perceive another option. One that might turn around the near terminal decline of Australian manufacturing and help establish an advanced technology sector.

Liveris wants cheap access to natural resources but doesn’t call that rent-seeking.

How about this as an alternative then, Andrew?

Pay the full rent for Australia’s gas and energy, and we’ll abolish all the taxes on your manufactures? You appear to have missed this as a serious option. Why?

Surely this alternative would blast a hole through manufacturing industry worldwide and give Australia the inside running?  Wouldn’t this also be attractive to Dow Chemicals, Andrew?

Don’t miss Andrew Liveris’ compelling address here.


  1. Somebody should suggest to Campbell Newman that he use a rent model for the new uranium mines rather than a royalty one…

  2. Do the numbers actually work for that? I’m assume you are talking replacing company tax with a resource rent?

    Good way to defund the federal government I suppose. It needs a good short back and sides.

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