Giving tea partiers and so-called libertarians a serve


Unfortunately, modern Tea Partiers and most libertarians, who should be able to solve the problems of the US economy, have become integral to its hopeless morass.  They should read the proud history of the Boston tea party.

If you’re against taxes, guys, you’ve got to be for rents.  Only morons can be against both. Read your Locke, your Adam Smith, your Henry George.

And look at the timeless common sense of your forebears: “Put to the vote: as many are of the opinion that a public tax upon the land ought to be raised to defray the public charge, say ‘yea’.” …. “Carried in the affirmative, none dissenting.” (Philadelphia’s first tax law, 30 January 1693)

You are usurpers! You’ve fallen for the neo-classical idiocy that land doesn’t exist separate from capital anymore, and therefore, like the return to capital, land rent may be privatised. [!]

But land and its rent are separate from capital, guys. Unlike capital, no individual created them – and therein lies your BIG fallacy!

Land and natural resource rents which represent the community occupy 50% of the economy, and are therefore owed back to ALL the people because they created it.  But you seem to think this is communistic and are therefore presumably happy to include bank CEOs and their minions in with the 0.1% of the population who, like parasites, capture these publicly-created values.  I hate to tell you, guys, but that’s not ‘free market’, it’s socialism for the rich!

And allowing them to thieve from us is why we’re taxed when we should not be. (That last bit’s the only part you’ve got right!)

You have now made yourselves as irrelevant as the politicians you criticise.  Wake up to yourselves, you boorish idiots!

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