More US (and NZ) housing market news from patrick.net

(Landlords who think they’ll be able to ratchet rents up as the Australian real estate market bursts might want to read the last two items.)

The Housing Slump Continues And The South Is Where It’s Worst (businessinsider.com) Discuss 

Foreclosure Crisis and Opportunity (inthesetimes.com) Discuss 

Bay Area houses you can buy for the national median price of $157,000 (contracostatimes.com) Discuss 

US Housebuilder Confidence Fell in April on Sales Outlook (bloomberg.com) Discuss 

Will 20% Down Require Waiting 14 Years to Buy a House? (theatlantic.com) Discuss 

Fed Aims at Mortgage Fraud, Shoots Housing Market in the Gut (Charles Hugh Smith) Discuss 

NZ considers new tools to combat housing bubbles (macrobusiness.com.au) Discuss 

Goldman Sachs and Executive Charged With Fraud (At Last!) (truth-out.org) Discuss 

Negative S&P Outlook for the US Explains Nothing (cepr.net) Discuss 

S&P and Interest Rates (krugman.blogs.nytimes.com) Discuss 

QE3 coming up? (patrick.net) Discuss 

Economic deja vu from the 1937-38 recession (doctorhousingbubble.com) Discuss 

Weird difference in oil prices by location (econbrowser.com) Discuss 

The Education Bubble (Mish) Discuss 

Developer bets people will buy tiny ‘micro-houses’ (southeastportland.katu.com) Discuss 

Backyard Cottages Sprout Like Mushrooms (news.yahoo.com) Discuss 

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