Following on from yesterday’s post, one really does have to question Tony Abbott’s judgement as Prime Minister when, in question time in the House of Representatives today, he thanked “the honourable (Liberal) member for his question” to a questioner who looked and sounded remarkably like a woman.  Two female Liberal colleagues seated behind Abbott at the despatch box exchanged questioning glances at this faux pas, although they should be getting used to these from ol’ Tone by now.  [Has Australia uncovered its very own George W Bush?]

But in a lucid moment you did acknowledge that superannuation contributions forwarded by employers on behalf of their employees are effectively deductions from workers incomes, Tony.  Correct!  So, why not, as a step towards justice in employment, let people retain their earnings, freed from taxation and superannuation levies altogether?  No?  You do understand there is an alternative to taxation, Tony?  It called capturing OUR economic rents.

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