Why is it that Jews and Christians no longer believe the earth is the Lord’s (Psalm 24:1) and that its profit is for ALL? (Eccl 5:9)

Are we no longer tenants of the earth who must therefore pay its rent? ( Leviticus 25: 23-24; Mark 12: 1-12)

I mean, wasn’t the tax paid to Pharoah based on the value of land one held? (2 Kings 23-35)

Maybe Old and New Testaments had it all wrong, because it’s now the incomes we earn and the goods we buy that are considered to be common property. That’s a BIG change!

I guess there shall no longer be “woe” to those monopolists and speculators who want to put field to field so there is no place left for a cheap home (Isaiah 5: 8) – because, today, tax systems reward these people? Nor, for that matter, do they seem to need to give back to Caesar the denarius that is Caesar’s, and to give back to God and the people the land of God and the people?

Wow! That’s a VERY BIG change!  Is it for the better? Or will it incur economic depression – the wrath of God? (Ezek. 22)

Maybe many Christians and Jews have simply transitioned—morphed in some unimaginable fashion—into humbuggery?

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