There’s a mounting case that the US has lost the plot altogether. Here’s the latest piece of evidence. So it’s those who travel most on roads should pay the most? What arrant nonsense! This is “user pays” drivel carried to the extreme.

Er, guys, so you want to be able to maintain and repair your roads?

Let’s look at it a little more rationally. What would be the value of your property if it didn’t have legal access via a road? Zilch …. Nada …. nothing.

But the value of your land reflects not only that you do have road access, but that you also have proximity to other community amenities and services, right? Not only that, but it reflects the size, shape and topography of your allotment, too?

So, the value of your land accurately reflects what you receive, or take, from the community – and it does it perfectly.

Isn’t that amazing!

Well, for God’s sake strike a rate in the dollar on the value of all the land in the municipality–excluding your buildings!–and pay for road maintenance, and all other municipal costs, on the basis of your proportion of that value. It’s not particularly smart to break up every cost when your land value reflects your rightful share of all municipal (or state, or federal) costs perfectly.

Not user pays, guys …. beneficiary should pay. And that’s all of you, on the basis of the value of your land.

It’s actually the way your forebears used to pay for all their infrastructure, but you’ve since lost the plot.

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