1. thats people’s CHOICE what to do, cool it with the mothering you sound like a whiny bitch.
    why dont yu tell the RBA to increase rates?? There the douche bags who did all this along with the other beuracrats.

  2. Yes, the real estate representative bodies are so one-faceted, Michael. They make themselves worse than urgers and touts for the industry with flakey sales data and defending the indefensible: “There is no real estate bubble” (until it bursts, that is!)

    Maybe if agents had ‘fee for service’ instead of tying their fees to an ad valorem sales commission we’d be able to have more open discussions with them about where we are in the real estate cycle? Many of them know exactly where we are.

  3. This auction clearance rate ‘fraud’ has been exposed numerous times over the last 5 years on ABC Radio 774.

    One caller pinged property queen, Monique Wakeland on this fudging of auction results during her property pumping program on radio 774.

    Wakeland agreed with the caller that these figures are fudged and not to be trusted. (The caller described himself as an ex-real estate employee)

    The following month, Wakeland, again , on her property pumping hour on radio 774, was preaching the invincibility of the Melbourne property market based on ‘auction results’.

    On one program she agrees when cornered (sorry) questioned by an insider that the auction results are rubbish and the next program she regards them as gospel whilst ordering first home buyers to get in before it’s too late.

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