One thought on “1990? SOME IDEAS REMAIN GOOD IDEAS”

  1. Quite a contrast to the ‘do no mining tax harm’ of the current idiocracy in power.

    The clown posse hasn’t worked out that the miners are around 85% foreign-owned; thus, the benefits of the mining boom will flow directly outwards unless adequate resource rent taxes are implemented. This is part of the solution to self-imposed spending restraints, along with a substantial land tax, so that other regressive taxes may be removed.

    Preferably the proceeds would flow to Aussies in the form of a citizen’s dividend, so that we could spend / save it as we saw fit, rather than be subject to infantile policy and pork-barreling from the federal duopoly e.g. blue blood parental leave schemes and the like.

    Further, the LABERALS (Siamese twins with the same political a**hole) fail to realize the size of the boom is not in their control i.e. world events and demand for resources – not the over-inflated egos of the Aussie Tea party parliamentarians – will determine our luck.

    Thus, rewarding financial backers with cuts to plutocrat taxes (encouraging the ‘trickle up wealth effect’), will hardly benefit the common man or woman, but further embed vile rent-seeking by unworthy individuals who did not get rich off hard work, but only through egregious theft of economic rent that belongs to us all.

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