1. if the shit hits fan, all the big managed $ where will it flow?thats right into the United States, the deepest markets. The US dolla will sore. Money will flee euro clusterfuk and japan. Its already leaving the brics.

  2. Good ole ‘Obomber.’

    The Nobel laureate loves nothing better than spreading peace and good will via the barrel of a gun / drone / cruise missile / cluster bomb / white phosphorous etc whenever they need a war to distract from domestic problems and to extract wealth from foreign lands for their cronies.

    Even Carter said the United Stasi does not have a functioning democracy. Further, given the loss of face they have experienced in light of the NSA and other scandals in recent years, they are a diminished nation in the world’s eyes and will never regain their moral standing (despite the best attempts of Hollywood propaganda to keep the Good Guy™ dream alive).

    The US mask has been pulled back and a very ugly face has been revealed. Hopefully the coming global financial crisis will destroy their economy and super-power status for good. A global realignment of power is more than over-due, but not going to necessarily lead to better outcomes, however.

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