♦  Economics is the way we arrange our daily lives once we’ve seen a country’s natural resource rents are owed equally to all citizens.

♦  An economist is a person who understands natural resource rents can’t be privatised, short of corruption.

♦  As the rentier runs the show, the way of the world is corruption. Politics, business and sport are built around this corruption and labelled democracy.

♦  Classical economics (where land isn’t capital) has been made heterodox, and fudging and ‘equilibrium’ orthodox.

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2 thoughts on “NOW FOR A FEW APHORISMS”

  1. My reasoning is that land and resources are humanity’s, in common, but provided the occupant pays the economic rent, a title grants exclusive possession.

  2. I’m interested in the rationale you understand to be behind the first statement, that all citizens share an equal right to the natural wealth of the state.

    I’d approach it from the viewpoint that a monopoly to the use of resource is effectively a contract with every other citizen not to use that resource.

    Just wondering if you had a different reasoning.

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