I characterise the USA as Our Father who art over there, such is the deferential reverence Australian prime ministers have paid to a succession of war-mongering presidents of the USA since JFK. (In case you don’t know, it’s in the name of “bringing freedom and liberty”.)

Look who we’ve liberated:-

“We need you in Viet Nam.”

“Right. When?”

“We need you in Iraq.”

“Good-o. We’ll be there.”

“We need you in Afghanistan.”

“OK, you can count on us again.” (Aside: but what, if any, real chance this time? Didn’t Afghanistan stymie and defeat Alexander the Great AND the Ruskis?)

But we’ve got to keep the expansionist US war machine well oiled, don’t we?

BTW, how’s Iran shaping up as the next invadee, guys? (I guess we’ll be there in due course, too.)

Remember when US foreign policy was isolationist – the good ‘ol days?  [Sigh!]

US movers and shakers are wrong, however, to keep looking down their noses at the rest of us these days. Their Empire is falling apart. Like Ancients Rome and Greece, they’ve spread their encampments too thinly around the world to continue feeding a home market engaged, like the ancients, in real estate speculation. (Latifundia perdidere Italiam – remember?)

As with much of the world post-WWII, the US tax system began to promote real estate rorts above the creation of real wealth. The 0.1% have literally lapped up our rents, the common wealth, ever since.  Hence, the need to credit-feed –  and this eventual world financial collapse.

So, who’s going to be the CEO of this collapsing Empire, our Father’s Day daddy of them all?

Will Barack Obama get another term?  Maybe not, because he’s clearly an economic illiterate.

But is that any criterion for the upcoming election? Smarmily clever speeches from Mitt Romney (God bless religious freedom!) and his henchman Paul Ryan have proven economic ignorance to be no disqualification.

The Republicans are going to return America’s unemployed to work without 1) discovering rent, or 2) upsetting the 0.1%.

Good work boys, or should I say “fathers” on this day?  So, regardless of your rhetoric, in reality you’re blowing a raspberry at the American people, just as Obama has – and just like the King of Id to HIS subjects.

3 thoughts on “FATHER’S DAY IN OZ”

  1. Yep. That’s about it, Michael.
    I have an idea! How about the promoters of the next war going for a change? They might be a bit old, but I’m sure their hearts would be in it?

  2. Never mind about drawing birthday dates from a lottery barrel for the next round of conscription, those with unpaid HEC’s debt will be the next wars cannon fodder for Uncle Sam.

  3. I tend to view them as the older brother rather than the father. Still haven’t learned to control their temper, still like to throw their weight around.

    Watching the last dregs of the Republican nomination process leads one to believe that they are at least competitive with Labor in the corruption stakes.

    In the end though, they were given an option to rid themselves of the left and right parasites, and failed to take it.

    Five years to go before it all collapses. Hopefully they can manage that period without starting a world war.

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