Will the RIO+20 Sustainability Summit endorse LVT?


Of course not – because land value taxation makes exploiters and abusers pay for the use and abuse of the planet.

The 0.1% wouldn’t stand for it – and these people meeting at Rio are their handmaidens.

So …. not bloody likely!


3 thoughts on “Will the RIO+20 Sustainability Summit endorse LVT?”

  1. Also,they have turned Christ into the green man of Europe Pagan earth religion, as well as the symbolism of the Green Cross of Castile- The Book title by Cesare Lanzol and this all took place on the 21st June that marks the Summer Solstice Harvest festival. Also changing the light of Christ to green demotes Christ to the colour Aura of angels in lower plane hierarchies. The 1% like Bilderberg, CFR, club of Rome, Tri lateral commission know their not making any more land, but the people are making more carbon, in other words, keep the Capital rent loophole going by free land rent, while taxing the consumable. Just another cloaked GST on consumption, while setting up carbon stock exchange for speculation. It’s all very reptilian

  2. Take a look at that Green statue of Jesus in Rio. The 1% preaches a different Christ don’t they?

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