1. THE W.A. LATTE SET HAS ARIVED IN MELBOURNE… TWO CAPAGINO’S PLEASE! – Is that today’s Age cartoon? No I am just imagining it.

  2. If the rights are leased, they are leased for a set period of time. Leased or sold, an agreement has been made and an attempt to make changes midstream quite rightfully brought about a significant increase in sovereign risk ratings for Australia.

    I appreciate that ‘public rents’ are not being retained for public use – and that they should be – but also that the time and place for making claims on ‘public rent’ is at the outset, not mid way through a major project.

    If the changes had been made for new projects, the mining industry wouldn’t have had a leg to stand on.

  3. The rights were NOT sold, they were leased – and the rent may always be increased to market levels, whether by means of royalties or otherwise. Yours is the twisted view of history that has always rationalised individuals stealing the public’s rents, Chris.

  4. The rights were sold. WA got rich, so did Gina. KR tried to steal money that wasn’t his to steal and got called on it.

    Just because you are the government doesn’t mean you should utilize your power to abuse contract.

    Just because you are the federal government doesn’t mean you get to steal from the states.

    By all means, learn from mistakes and impose a MSPT on new mines, but as a state government. Its a better system, but It’s not federal business.

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