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  1. True, but governments and those at the top would rather see the population as dependent,
    Confiscating their pay packets and handing it back as carrot and stick incentives, tax breaks and other payments, as a means of control, which is Socialism. This was not the case 100 years ago, now all party’s have converged to support the neoliberal consensus, Parasites usually start at the stumps, but in the case, it’s brain parasites or syphilitic economics that have caused the GFC. But the system wants parasites that lick boots of the Nanny state and its bureaucrats and public serpents & Nanny-gers through dependency and trade off rights and fore write our life narratives by trading off rights for survivalist benefits. Welfare socialism is at all class levels. Now, there is nothing Left of the Left compared to Labor one hundred years ago when they stood for stronger worker rights, now they stand for a precariat class of full time casual contracts which is forty percent of workers, and the trade off on worker rights Is little top-ups of tax rebates, middle class welfare, and this is happening right across up to Corporate welfare. Can we really call those at the bottom parasites, when they have little choice in the matter, and there is a few crumbs at the bottom or a few scraps thrown off the master’s table for the dogs bellow? Why is their a one percent, if all is required is too pull ourselves up with boot straps. And as we saw with Toyota, when markets forces conspire to force write our own narratives and we have little or say in the matter? ‘Much of what happens to us is not of our own doing” –: Ruskin &Shaw. And how can a man develop a life narrative when life is composed of episodes & fragments? the bottom feeders nibbling at the underbelly of neo liberalism, or its Victims, as if they have any choice or power over the matter. I see parasite in terms of those taking above and beyond what is bare necessary for existence. Who do bail outs corporate welfare on property and business belong too? The left or right. Does negative gearing belong as a privilege to the left or the right? And basic welfare payment gets basics of running water, food and shelter if you’re lucky. While the rent seeker, hollows out the stump and foundation of the economy, by capturing the rent that the bottom feeders could spend in the real economy. Parasite as a term means destructive racketeering, or acting in a manner towards the rest of the body of society, so if the head rentiers at the top starve the rest of the body for basic staples then the body withers and becomes frail, putting extinct the head, and by this fact the parasites at the top through confiscating the un earnerned increment, not only withhold it from the real economy and the public, but also create the inequality for those scrapping at the bottom with basic needs. Basic needs of running water, food cloths and shelter are not parasitical activity’s, when they are basics, to improving and being useful for the rentiers and parasites who exploit the labor of the worker. Needing the basic staples of life is not parasite behaviour, but those who ring fence the abundance are committing crime against the rest of the body or community. It’s by stealth and taking the public rent as a rake of that the parasites at the top created the starvation of the 99%

  2. The way the two party system is supposed to work is that Labor is supposed to go after the top end parasites, and the Liberals are supposed to go after the bottom end parasites.

    Unfortunately parasites make committed voters, so we end up with Labor pandering to the welfare class, and the Liberals pandering to the rentiers.

  3. Hock jock radio from Kanberra trying to get attention. The economic graph shows there will be no hockey stick recovery, Joe. Just because they hocked off all our public assets to privatisation, now its all stick to those they impoverished. So He’s honest, but has not seemed to learn anything from the GFC and how Neoliberal junk Economics of both left and right of past three decades took from the poor and gave to the rich, now the honey pot is low; it’s all those bludgers faults. An apple sweatshop run by Joe has no social safety net. How about ending welfare to the rentiers and speculators, who are deep in the pockets of Kanberra politicians? Oh Joe, can your spare me a dime, and lets end all the frivolous wastage perks on taxpayers, at least we know that the least we give to the least of the least, gets spent in the real Economy. No Joe is not a colourful character, but the true colours of the mean spirit and ruthless opposition is
    Still on full show for all to see, when profits are privatised and losses are socialised.
    So lets all enjoy the bear market for the next ten years of stagflation, as those who brought us this hotchpotch try to consolidate the economic malaise and find a soul

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