Guess where urgers and touts ended up?

Once upon a time, when Australians called a spade a spade, we’d call spivs on the racecourse ‘urgers’ and ‘touts’.

But dress them up these days in a suit and they’ve magically become ‘financial analysts’ to entrap people into the overdone real estate market as it trembles on the brink atop a 12 year-old bubble.

And, of course, an urger or tout labels anyone suggesting Australian real estate has been done to a crisp ‘a doomsayer’.  [SIGH!]

Case # 1: Christopher Joye

Case # 2: Michael Pascoe

There are many more such persons, of course, but please, no more urging and touting, guys.  This is serious!

One thought on “Guess where urgers and touts ended up?”

  1. Housing is a human right, and it should not be up to whether some dark suit or uniform
    Is going to give it to us or not.
    The Preston Leader had a shocker article this week, ‘Too many Units cause price slump’. what? The second most unaffordable housing in the world after Hong Kong, and the slightest correction gets reported as a Slump, as if the market is an idler or slacker. Do we really need a ‘rebound’ to eight times the annual wage, to pay off a modest home? How about some ethical reporting Preston Leader. And Real-estate director- Ray, you as a Baby Boomer have had a long career in property contributing to the worst housing bubble in history, as the property domino falls across the world. Not much reason to be standing gleefully on your porch is there? perhaps you should visit some of the homeless families roaming our streets, or the Greek protests. You may have forgotten the last time their was an oversupply like this, It was the 1930’s when their was plenty of food on the shelves of supermarkets, plenty of empty houses, plenty of fruit on the trees and vines rotting, and but nobody could afford anything. It’s not a slump, it’s a depression, and it’s rolling across the world like a giant wave, headed our way. It’s the grapes of wrath and bitter harvest of social greed, caused by special interests, mates rates, and insider knowledge, the greed of those who take their rake off of 40,000 dollars flipping property, generating no productive contribution to society, other than to lock out first home buyers, who view a home as somewhere to live, not as get rich easy scheme, that hurts those on low wages.
    It seems migration to Australia from Europe was meant to leave behind ‘bad old Europe’ of land feudalism and serfdom, but look, haven’t we done well, in recreating the bad old Europe of inequality in breathtaking speed, of just two generations. Land of a fair go? You’re delusional and you’re dreaming. Its time to write down all that’s puffed-up bloated Hubris and has grown to become a tall poppy, without merit, without talent, investment Property greed, well said. I’m glad they got their ‘flippers’, but did they bring their ‘snorkel’ as housing prices go underwater.

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