Whether in capitalist or communist countries, the rentier class has been able to channel most publicly-generated land and natural resource rent unto itself because the 99.9% doesn’t understand the manner in which the tax regime facilitates this perversion.

In either system the 99.9% is told to be patient as wealth will “trickle down” to them. Meanwhile, we are stupid enough to allow ‘alpha males’ at the top of the tree to do the trickling, whilst those below are expected to be grateful as they are trickled upon.

China’s growth rate is expected to fall from 9.2% to 8.5% in 2012. Underpinning much of its growth has been a property bubble without parallel as 50% of rural people have drifted to China’s cities.  Alpha male apes are permitted to seize the bananas in China, too, just as surely as they have been in the west. The poor are left to make do with the skins.

Where is the great difference between capitalism and communism?  Freedom for whom?

Unless China captures a far greater part of its land rent to the public purse, it is only a matter of time before she joins the west in this mocking wealth divide that threatens social stability.

What a shocking indictment at the beginning of the 21st century that so few comprehend the distributional mechanism that has delivered this social and financial collapse!

One thought on “TRICKLING DOWN”

  1. There is a famous quote: Give me the control of a Nations money supply, and I care not who makes its laws’- This sums up the international banking Cartels, Oligarchy, Illumni
    Or whatever other name they go buy. As fifth columnists they fund both opposing ideologies, fund the media that presents a fictitious, fake left & right boggy-man paradigm which Creates the problem, reaction and sell the solution, to the sheepeople. The love it when The people actually beg for what they had all along planned, so go’s this formula Of Problem, reaction and solution for all long turn planning to bring about their agenda most of the financial crisis was a staged event, planned thirty years ago, that’s why its boring to not live in interesting times, as everyone loves a challenge to miserable ease Of an existence, a offended moral conscience of the 99% provides rich intellectual food For those still able to think, and we thank them dearly for the moral conundrum and flavours and variety of the unfair society. Both Capitalists and communistic factions employ ‘fifth columnists’ whose primary function is to support both sides of any ideology or philosophy, to subvert, divide and conquer.

    Is the left wing or the right wing correct?” “Neither…” Both are wings of the same bird. All authoritarian systems are oppressive of individual freedoms, and overreach,
    But it’s not by accident, that Citizens have their capacity, bent, opportunity oppressed by the Nanny state conceived by the technocrats. It’s by design, to defer control to the state that wants more power and control over everyone.

    The Club of Rome Australian Prof; Birch suggested in the book ‘confronting the future’ that: -‘Absolute freedom is not possible. There must be restraints on freedom. Not restraint to dissent, but restraints on activities of individuals or industries that impede agreed social goals. It is utopian and unrealistic to hope that we can simply persuade men to be responsible. Not only must there be some consensus on what constitutes the social good, there must be agreements on sanctions being imposed on those who do not abide by mutually agreed goals’.

    Sounds a lot like the harsh and unfair ‘Mutual obligation’ activities agreement goals of welfare system criticised by ACOSS, that controls the under-employed, in the increasing casual full-time and Family tax subsidy claimant society, just to maintain the inflationary cost of living, also the NT interventions as a test pad on Native Australians to be rolled out on the rest of us, maintained with dubious moral concerns and compliances for obtaining any kind of benefit or subsidy from a crony capitalist system that oppresses individual freedoms

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