“If it worked, they would have tried it!”

Uh, no – it works all right, but it hasn’t been tried because it’s been working extremely well for the 1%: they’ve been monopolising it for centuries.

Although economic rent flows virtually from ALL land, just as surely as oil flows from parts of it, who’s even heard of it? There’s silence, lies and ignorance on land and on economic rent.

Those who have heard or thought about it are lied to. Although it constitutes nearly 50% of the economy, they’re misadvised (and usually believe) that economic rent is as low as 1%.

Our ‘representatives’ and media—whom the 1% have always schmoozed—can’t let the cat out of the bag.  We, the people, have been played for fools for centuries. But now the social media offers a ray of hope.

So, “If it worked, it would have been tried” has become part of the continuing contrived ignorance about the world’s natural surplus.

We have been taxed and bullshitted to for too long.

Why not make it a New Year’s resolution to do something about it?

– And beg, borrow or steal a copy to see the documentary expose, “Real Estate 4 Ransom“!

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