Fifteen per cent of Americans are living in poverty whilst the rentier class, less than 1% of the population of the USA, runs amok.  Can you blame people for protesting in the streets, in much the same way as the people involved in ‘The Arab Spring’ revolution?

We can only hope protesters around they world will eventually come to perceive pathological tax regimes as the catalyst assisting to deliver obscene salaries and bonuses not only to Wall Street rent-seekers but also to Arab despots; that the privatisation of the public’s land and resource rents is the key to the worldwide financial collapse.

This is the essential commonality in the search for democracy.

See further pictures from The Atlantic here.



One thought on “AND SO IT BEGINS ….”

  1. The old Baby Boomer power elite have become so good over four decades of co-opting protests since the Vietnam demonstrations of their peers, that it has stopped any group correcting the creeping distortions from the past four decades till now, and by co-opting
    And consolidating movements has created the biggest bubble in economic history. I can see it now, Gordon Gecko (A reptilian) old man on his deathbed
    Saying, No! I recant, ‘Greed was good’ until it became rigged so it only flowed to the one percent.

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