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The land shall not be sold forever, for the land is Mine;

and you are but strangers and sojourners with Me. (Lev. 25:23)

Whatever could the above strange phrases mean, all you Jews, you Christians?

Maybe “…. or else you’ll experience terrible poverty and recurrent economic depressions”?



2 thoughts on “THE PROFIT OF THE EARTH IS FOR ALL (Eccl. 5:9)”

  1. And what about that verse of the new testament of ‘ all of all those who build on my rock’, which has been taken literally for thousands of years, and which became the greatest King of the hill game in human history ever, and the bitter wine in verse that has flowed from the bible pages as a consequence. It’s noted in the Old Testament in Jeremiah of the age-old mistake of land greed, in his reproach of the new Kings Mc Mansion ostentatious redecoration and enlargement of the palace. Jeremiah 22.13-17. Shame on the man who builds his house by unjust means and completes it’s roof-chamber by fraud, making his countrymen work without payment, giving them no wage for their labour!
    Shame on the man who says, ‘ I will build a spacious house with airy roof-chambers set windows in it with vermilion! If your cedar is more splendid, does that prove you a King?
    As Job put it, the fruits of your harvest are bitter, speculative greed to enslave others to
    Paying the excessive rent has turned your Zion into ‘Land of gloom & deep shadow,
    The land of the deepest night’, the oppressive state of debt peonage, and the poor perish not for a lack of knowledge of your negative gearing tax crimes against the poor but for a lack of land.

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