Wars, climate, housing, jobs, cost-of-living, increasing poverty ….. how can we possibly address all these issues with which we’re increasingly confronted?

First, we acquaint ourselves with the natural distribution of the wealth we create – not the current corrupt distributional system. Believe it or not, taxation doesn’t enter into it!

Wealth (P), the production of things made out of land by labour, distributes itself naturally as wages (W) to workers, profits (I) to the capital employed in generating wealth, and rent (R) to land. No taxes, see?

“But don’t we need taxes to be able to do all the necessary things like infrastructure spending, education, health and security?”

No, that’s all done by public capture of the publicly-generated rent of land. Call that ‘taxation’ if you will, but it’s not really: taxation doesn’t enter into the equation Wealth (P) minus Rent leaves Wages (W) and Profit (I), i.e. P – R = W + I.

Oh, and the national government doesn’t actually spend the rent that it taxes away. That’s simply delivered equally as a dividend to everybody. Essential government spending of our dollars into existence becomes a plus, not a negative.

Were we to acknowledge the natural distribution of wealth–and preclude land and rent-grabbing by individuals–wars, climate, housing, jobs, cost-of-living and poverty would solve themselves, they’d no longer be an issue, as they’re all a function of political corruption and misdistribution.

But we’d need to escape the land price and taxation mindset into which we’ve become entrapped – and that’s not simple.