Let’s address two corruptions. Corruptions that leave unresolved (effectively putting an end to) myriad worthy social reforms.

We need to start at the beginning, not at all the retrograde outcomes obviously surrounding this moment in history.

So, we have capitalism and communism. Both are coercive political systems working to channel the nation’s net wealth, not equally to all individuals, but to a privileged elite at the top of the tree. That’s the first corruption. Paradoxically, both regimes claim to be working for their citizens and for political freedom.

The capitalist/communist bifurcation works particularly well to hide the underlying corruption of both regimes: the misappropriation of wealth. Some would call it ‘divide and rule’.

There’s another way? Of course. We begin to acknowledge the natural distribution of wealth; between individually earned and publicly generated wealth. As top capitalists and communists devise tax regimes to serve themselves, not their people, it is they who grab much of the publicly generated wealth/surplus product. If sundry others, like bank and fund managers and “mum and dad” speculators in the West also grab a few crumbs for a while, that’s OK, too. That assists to provide the numbers to underpin this financial fraud.

But if this were really true, wouldn’t the political parties deal with it? No; that’s the second corruption. We need to understand that communist parties and so-called democratic parties in the West subscribe to the system delivering the social surplus, sometimes called ‘economic rent’, to their privileged financial supporters.

We might have better political outcomes under a system of ‘sortition‘, which would abolish the corruption of political parties, but that’s a long way off, too.

So, onward we travail, towards the upcoming financial depression, sans sortition and sans VIMMLBUTT.