But Don’t Tell Anyone!

Towards the end of July on Channel 7 we heard an unusual news item. Landlords in the City of Sydney were appealing to workers to come back to work in the City.

They certainly knew who were producing their rents!



We do not collect location charges, so we have taxes. This money taken from our pockets limits what we can spend on goods and services. The absence of an effective ‘single tax’ on land values inflates property prices and offers us that great poverty spreader, large mortgages. (We could add here that large mortgages leads workers to avoid any strike to raise wages.) Short of money, governments have turned over essential services to privatisers, handing over natural monopolies, then complaining about their high prices!

And, by corporatized departments, government itself levies its own monopoly charges – in the meantime inventing all sorts of ways to extract money from us to permit us to do things what, previously, we did quite freely!

Property speculation in its acute form gives us recessions – how valuable is that to the planet! Before that happens, the Reserve Bank raises interest rates to stop property speculation. And private property in land gives us land price, raising the cost of getting access to land and taking away economic opportunity. This helps the planet by giving us unemployment and lower wages. To extricate ourselves from unemployment and low wages we support Protection, a good way to mark up the price of imports.

So: no policy designed by government to ‘combat climate change’ will ever offer better individual behavioural change than private property in land – and it does it without dictatorial prescriptions. It should take its place alongside war, pestilence and famine as ideal ways to achieve a greener and colder planet.