What’s tax?

What’s tax, dad?

It’s what they take out of my pay, son. They say it’s to pay for things our top brass, the state, spends on, but it’s not. It’s to stop price rise.

What do you mean, dad? What sort of price rise?

They’ve got to take some dough out of my pay so that Oz dough keeps its worth, son.

Why don’t they leave you what you earn, and tax the land you have, ‘cos no one earned the worth of land, did they?

Right on, son! Good one! ‘Cos land price is what makes our dough lose its worth in the first place. If we were to take the land rent, and not tax those who work, that would fix up a lot of things. Land price would go to nil – and the cost of dough could be nil, too!

Gee! Don’t folks get that, dad?

No they don’t – at least, not most folk. And of the few who do see it – the point one per cent with all the dough, they don’t like it and won’t have it.

Is that why we have a lot of strife with things – such as those who rule us?

Yes it is, son.

That’s too bad, dad. What can be done?

We have to hope folks will learn, I guess – but it’s hard.

But that seems so plain. Why’s it so hard?

Though it’s plain, it’s odd, but most folks don’t seem to know of it. And change is hard these days.

Wow, folks do need to learn of this, dad! It should be taught to us in school!

Yes, that would help, son.

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