Why are you pushing the GST, guys?

Has it stopped the cash economy as is was going to do?

Doesn’t it adversely affect poorer people who have no propensity to save?

Can’t businesses claim it back?

Study it.  It’s a travesty.


2 thoughts on “GST PROMOTERS”

  1. The ABC folk, perhaps with the exception of Michael Janda, aint strong at all on their economics, Michael. And, yes, I also thought George M’s curtailing of immigration leads to a slump was a bit of a stretch in last night’s program.

  2. What is it with the ABC. Is the discussion about rent seekers, household debt and a property bubble off limits?
    Watched ‘Making Australia Great’ last night on the ABC and what a joke.

    Compared our current boom to that of the 1880’s and concluded that restricting immigration leads to recessions.
    No mention of property bubbles, debt fuelled speculation or record levels of household debt.
    I thought our ABC would be better than that.

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