Q & A TOUCHED ON TAXATION TONIGHT  (It pointedly didn’t mention The Henry Tax Review, mind you.)

Treasurer Joe Hockey wants every nation to agree on common tax policies to stop international tax evasion – yet Australia can’t even come to agreement on its own tax arrangements. It’s a big, if not impossible, task to get countries to agree, Joe!

You give the nod to tax officers being embedded within big companies based in Australia, apparently without seeing Big Brother’s gross invasion of companies’ privacy with this measure. Yes, taxes must be paid, but with a taxman looking over your shoulder at every move?

You argue that companies must pay the tax where their income is earned, but surely international tax agreements to stop tax havens and tax officer embedding won’t do the trick?

However, you’re getting very close, Joe: “WHERE their income is earned.” Here in Australia, on the land or digital spectrum, international companies occupy! More particularly, on the annual value of their land and/or sites on the electro-magnetic spectrum.

Land and local spectrum can’t flee overseas to tax havens, Joe. You don’t need international tax agreements or the embedding of tax personnel in order to tax Australia’s own land and spectrum. It’s cheap; it’s efficient; it’s fair; and it works!


THE AGE 17 March:

Treasurer outclassed by John Daly of the Grattan Institute.

3 thoughts on “THE ABC’S “Q & A” WASN’T BAD”

  1. Joe on Q&A also said money is mobile. So why is all Australians money being pledged into Land that is not mobile. My comments keep getting deleted or formatted into 2 lines breaks. The work of Intel trolls?!

  2. Joe also said “Money is mobile” on Q&A.
    So why is all our money being tied up in land and property
    that is not mobile and stifles productivity and mobility

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