quandaryOn “Saturday Extra” this morning Geraldine Doogue chaired a panel of Australia’s smartest to see where we and our politicians are going wrong –>

The program’s worth listening to, in order to realise none of these people has any real answer.  Nick Greiner comes closest to seeing the critical problem is the economy and maybe linked to taxation reform.  Hugh Mackay’s not bad, but after all these years the man with perhaps the ‘best’ education, garrulous Gareth Evans, is still unable to touch upon the subject of a failed economics which is affecting people worldwide.

Very sad.

As with the rest of the world–which won’t acknowledge the reciprocal relationship between the economy and property bubbles (just look at Japan’s last 25 years!)–Australia’s future therefore continues to go down the gurgler.

When will all and sundry acknowledge that neither GST nor a financial transaction tax are the answer and that land cannot be hidden overseas?

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