THE AGE letters 17 January 2015

I’m glad you ask, PM

Tony Abbott has called on his critics to “provide their own budget savings if they continued to reject the government’s attempts to restore the budget to surplus and pay down the debt” (The Age, 15/1).

Here are some suggestions:  stop subsidising big polluters and reinstate a carbon tax; reinstate an effective mining tax so that we get fairer reimbursement for our shared natural resources; tackle corporate tax avoidance; and have a more equitable paid parental scheme.

Once big business stops “leaning”, we can have a sensible debate about other strategies to fix the budget, including increasing contributions through broader based tax, without making things harder for those who are already struggling the most.

Catherine Chamberlain, Thornbury

One thought on “SOME PEOPLE GET IT”

  1. Unfortunately, Tony doesn’t provide an email, response or Twitter address for his critics to offer the advice he so desires.
    He simply throws his stone then runs for cover.

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