“Collect the rent of land and leave labour and capital untaxed?”

“That sounds very feudal.”

“What if not doing it does create repetitive recessions?”

“What if it not capturing rent does lead to a widening gap between the 0.1% and all others?”

“What if it the current system does lead to debt and grinding poverty?”

“People would prefer to have an economic depression rather than capture the rent of land, because we all aspire to become like the 0.1%.”

“It will never happen.”


The Commonwealth has lost its compass” The Gleaner, West Indies

Now there’s an irony, because Confucius spoke of the great days of the Commonwealth as when China collected the rent of land!  Rent was the commonwealth:-

“When the Great Way prevailed, every person was a part of public society, and public society belonged to everyone. …… Natural resources were fully used to benefit all, and were not appropriated for selfish ends. …… This was the age of the great commonwealth of peace and prosperity.'”

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