Georgists have become lonely souls within the current bifurcation in world politics.  Neither the answerless left nor right want to know them, because it takes humility to acknowledge arguments that embarrass both sides equally.

Rather than either (or both) moving to accommodate the Georgist explanation of current world events, it’s easier to dismiss it by argumentum ad hominem, or else for the left to decry supporters of the ideas of Henry George as being of the right whilst (at the same time!) the right declares them to be Marxist.

Therefore, this rather amazing Marxist/Fascist creature has no alternative but to look to a rapidly depleting constituency to follow their argument, namely, those people still capable of thinking for themselves and ideologically committed neither to the left nor right.

Though the Georgist task is extremely difficult, it is currently gaining many supporters, partly because its case is being put cogently, and partly because the excesses in the so-called property “market” have become so apparent–and the “lack of supply” argument so threadbare–to open minds.

Whilst it could have just as easily been the left calling him a fascist, I was thoroughly entertained to follow how some in the right-based Catallaxy group treated Georgist, Dr Gavin Putland, in a discussion yesterday on Australian house prices and “negative gearing”.

Putland is known to eat such barbs for breakfast!

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