blush“I do not know of a single Nobel Laureate in Economics who forecast the present crash, or any other. Two of them, Chicago-Schoolers Robert Merton and Myron Scholes, founded Long Term Capital Management to demonstrate the brilliance of their investment theories. It went down in flames in 1997, saved only by a Federal bailout. Nothing daunted, media and public speakers seeking confirmation lean hard on citations of Nobel Laureates. The media might better consider others with better track records.

“Modern Georgists enter this period of danger and opportunity in relatively good shape. Several have outstanding scorecards calling the current crash. These include Fred Foldvary (2007, The Depression of 2008); Fred Harrison (2005, Boom/Bust); Michael Hudson (2007, ‘The New Road to Serfdom’, Harper’s); and Bryan Kavanagh (2007, Unlocking the Riches of Oz).”

THE MASON GAFFNEY READER: Essays on Solving the “Unsolvable”, 2013


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