Whaddaya mean our governments don’t have a plan?

[I laughed until I almost wet my pants after receiving this from an obviously disgruntled reader. Mind you, it’s not funny: it’s more than serious. So what does that make me?]

“They have a plan alright:

– boost grants
– hand inconvenient stats to RP Data or CBA-HIA bullshit index & hide absence of FHB in Australia
– bailout via CLF (due to be implemented soon – just in time for calamity to strike in 2015)
– bail-ins
– open foreign investment floodgates further (does Abbot ever shut up about whoring off of Australian assets and being open for business?)
– sell off another 100K 45M2 apartments to sit empty to address the ‘housing affordability problem’
– raise stamp duties further
– lower land taxes further
– backstop banks further
– concentrate any filling of regulator spots with uber-cronies
– open superannuation as a deposit
– consider mortgage-interest cost deductions for O/O
– have short-selling bans ready to protect share prices
– continue to ignore meager yields, P/R and P/I that scream bubble
– ignore dying transactions of O/O in favour of speculative, manic cohort
– pretend that 50% investor finance is sustainable
– pretend that turnover and KPI won’t die in the arse shortly & end of mining boom killing the economy
– pretend that debt doesn’t matter and keep creating imaginary public debt monsters to prepare the public balance sheet for a massive taxpayer-funded charity expedition to the FIRE sector
– keep jawboning and ignoring macro-prudential, because it is far too effective to be considered
– keep pretending the banks can survive 30-50% falls in housing prices without massive govt intervention
– pretend that Gollum (David Murray) won’t completely hijack that inquiry with bullshit recommendations
– ignore gross incompetence on behalf of APRA, ASIC and RBA
– keep using the AOFM arm to prop all and sundry up and keep ‘liquidity’ available to hide cash flow insolvency
– keep screwing the 99% in favour of plutonomists in the FIRE sector primarily, but also the private monopolists, indolent rich and unworthy inheritors.

Meanwhile, the compliant fourth estate will continue to stroke our collective egos until there is a smoking crater where the economy used to be, and then declare the obvious well after the fact.”

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