australia2-300x237How many petitions have you signed recently about one or more facets of the worsening state of affairs in Australia?

Here’s one I signed this morning. I signed it because I believe it’s a step in the right direction – even if it doesn’t get to grips with the most fundamental structural flaw in Australian society.

Do you realise virtually all the petitions come back to some aspect of inadequate public funding for our health, education, infrastructure, housing and social welfare, when we live in an economy of abundance? I agree it may not look like an economy of abundance right at the moment, but don’t you see we are still creating billionaires at the same time as an increasing number of Australians are unable to pay their bills?  (Now there’s an irony for which I have the answer!)

The money is most certainly there for necessary government all right, providing we get it from the right source – the economic rent generated by the mere existence of Australians. And I say necessary government because we are, indeed, increasingly becoming a nanny state with excessive bureaucracy in a vain attempt to rectify all the social problems that stem from taxing all the wrong things: people for working; businesses for making a profit.

Canadian, Stefan Molyneux who has documented Australia’s fall from grace in this video blames government, and although right in part, does he really believe all will be fine if we simply slash government programs and the RBA raises interest rates to stop the property bubble? What about the rent-seeking 1%, Mr Molyneux? Yes, I know that many other Australian wannabes are trying their luck at rent-seeking, too–in an effort just to keep up–but their luck’s about to run out.

We’ve got to put an end to private rent-seeking in community-created income. It won’t be easy, because the 1% clearly understand that this is certainly an economic depression and want to hold onto all the tax privileges they’ve been granted. The rest of us can go to hell.

And this project aint about class warfare at all. It’s about explaining how the 1% get wealthy at our expense by capturing the economic rents we generate as a community. As they’re owed equally to ALL of us, they remain the perfect revenue base.

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