I’m originally from Europe and moved to Australia in 1998. Since then I have noticed the constant obsession with property in terms of the media, news on TV and constant bombardment of building programs. All of these programs are mostly about speculating on property and seeing how much money can be made.

I’m a bit baffled by this obsession to “get rich and go for dreams” through property as all I read and I hear about now is “mortgage stress and rental traps” at the same time mixed in with the word “dreams”???

It is conflicting information and it appears many people are brainwashed.

As a first world country it is a disgrace that we cannot even get the basics of affordable shelter, food and clothing right. This is the foundation of any decent society. Every person should have an equal right to have affordable housing. Also this concept of “renting trap” is foreign to me as renting allows for freedom and flexibility and costs less than buying, however getting on the property ladder is the only way it appears you are going to make progress or are making it in Australia. How bizarre?

The choice to rent or buy is an equal proposition and people in Europe for centuries have the choice to rent their whole lives and many have a high quality of life. Most people who buy houses are actually poorer ie. UK,Spain, Greece – as compared to Germany or Switzerland where quality of life is a priority not quantity of life. These people are not described to be in traps. The question is at what cost and is it really progress when one is a few paychecks away from losing a job and when under massive mortgage stress. How can this ever be described as a dream? Whose dream is it really? A few guys at the bank or real estate who are profiting from ordinary people’s hard labor with million $$$ paychecks?

It does not make sense that people need to spend the greatest share of their income on having a roof over their head?? You cannot eat or take property to your grave, so why get so obsessed and worked up by getting on property ladders??? What purpose will this serve? Also what is this government doing to help the people instead of having policies that favour banks and real estate?

In Europe you will never hear such superficial nonsense such as housing dreams and this kind of propaganda to brainwash people. This concept has been created by those that profit from it most (ie. Government, banks, real estate). The only way this country will learn is when there is a significant downturn in property to bring everything back to earth for the benefit of the masses that are suffering. Speculation only creates a ponzi scheme through greater and greater debt with a few winners and not the majority of people. This will be the best solution for the people and expose government, bank and real estate irresponsibility over many years.

– name withheld

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