“Economic Armageddon”

BarnabyBARNABY JOYCE, the Australian politician, is  in the news.

Good on you, Barnaby!  That’s saying it like it is; but it’s just about now they start get to you, mate.

Now there’s the following to contend with:-

1.  “Shadow cabinet solidarity” [translation:  Shut your face!];

2.  “Coalition discipline” [translation:  Do as you’re told!]

All of which means keeping up a stirling ‘front’, as though you agree with all the nonsensical politicking surrounding you, Barnaby. Don’t call things for what they are anymore. Don’t be a problem-solver anymore. Be prepared to lie, gild the lily, etc., because you’re in the coalition’s shadow cabinet now – and there are very few occasions when you will be able to say what you really think anymore.

Nice knowing you, mate, but today your colleagues and the press will let you know THEIR reality – and that’s rarely the sort of truth you spoke yesterday!

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