Tunisian PMGee! All those ‘Arab Spring’ uprisings are going great guns–oops!–aren’t they? Now the Tunisian PM has resigned.

This may be hard to believe, but is has little to do with Islamists. Maybe, like the rest of the world, your problem is to do with the economy, Tunisia? No jobs for your young people, whilst your millionaires are doing wonderfully well as they continue ripping off your economic rents.

It’s exactly (well almost) the same in all the Arab Spring countries.

Get the rent of your land and resources and abolish your taxes;  then there’ll be employment opportunities for everyone. That’s the same lesson we still haven’t learned in the west, either.

BTW, some of the wealthy Arab nations have no taxation at all – because they capture their oil rents. (That aint to say they’ve got their distribution right yet!)


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