Find out to what extent are you in the grip of the BIG rent-seekers – the 0.1%.

Does the tax system penalise doers and reward rent-seeking drones?  YES/NO
Do you see that rapidly escalating land prices come at the expense of productive activity? YES/NO
Are you concerned that the super-rich are getting richer and everyone else is becoming poorer? YES/NO
Do you see that rent-seeking in land and other natural resources is the means by which the super-rich get rich at everyone else’s expense? YES/NO
Do you see that banking and real estate actually encourage bubble-inflated prices, and this is not in the nation’s best interests? YES/NO
Do you see governments don’t want to remedy this situation because it might curb escalating real estate prices and bank profits? YES/NO
Do you see revenues from land and other natural resources would capture economic rents owed equally to ALL citizens and help keep a lid on escalating land prices? YES/NO
Do you see that governments are quite happy to continue allowing economic rents owed equally to ALL citizens to be taken by the 0.1%? YES/NO
Do you see it follows that governments represent the 0.1%? YES/NO
Are we living in a false “democracy”? YES/NO
Is this why the world is in serious trouble? YES/NO
Are you prepared to do anything about it? YES/NO

If all of your answers were “yes”–well done–you’re not one of society’s parasites, nor one of their many friends.

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2 thoughts on “QUESTIONNAIRE”

  1. I was musing the other day how very inappropriate the words “…and wealth for toil” are in our national anthem.

    I guess “….and wealth by taking advantage of insane tax laws that favour land speculation” was too hard to rhyme.

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