1. yu cant tax land that is not yours. If yu buy that land why should it be taxed?
    then just create a rent market and ban buying, simple.
    thats what would happen which kind of imbecile would buy when renting is cheaper, which in turn creates a rental bubble then mass exodus to buy.
    Every market has a buyer and seller, supply demand.
    Brian this land tax is sounding like garbage more and more.
    1 flat tax for the bare essentials and everything else sold off or to the private sector or simply shut down as the gov makes losses on everything.
    If they neem xtra $ for a special projet, there should be a referendem and only those that work shud be allowed to vote.

  2. You’re creating a false argument because you don’t know what society is? Cos, if you haven’t noticed, I’d prefer NO taxes, only land rent as SOCIETY’S revenue base. That’d be SOME society!

  3. Yeah, it’s starting to get out there alright, but mainstream politics wrongly thinks it’s poison. People shouldn’t be taken for idiots. If they see all the tax trade-offs for an all-in land ‘tax’, they can be educated to its benefits i.e. -> Low land tax = high land prices and low wages. Higher land taxes = lower land prices and higher wages.

  4. Society what exatly is that?? An individual should derive his revenue from his/her work.
    Dont conflate society or the government with a person, they are not the same or have the same interests.
    You have a battle between savers and debtors the world over, and producers and takers. From countries to individuals.
    Lowering the TAX base overall is needed, and allowing the liquidations to happen and create opportunities for growth after the cleansing. The competant will take over from the incompetant.

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