Yeah, reading THE AGE editorial today “Commonwealth built on the fair go”, I see what the editor is getting at – a lower taxation rate doesn’t necessarily make you a better country.

But I’m reminded of the founding of our national capital, on which I’m to give a presentation at Chengdu next month … it’s all about from where we derive the common wealth. Canberra tried to do it in such a way to keep the land sharks at bay, but has ended up losing out to them – badly.

There’s more than a hint about the correct revenue base in the first letter across the page from THE AGE editorial, from Norman Huon of Port Melbourne:  “… Norway – has had the wit and community support to put a portion of its windfall from exploitation of natural resources aside for future generations.”

Well said, Norman.

Then, in following letters, well informed people are decrying how proper town planning has given way to the demands of developers.

Sure there have been too many town planning delays frustrating developers, but lowering town planning standards instead of removing the blockages has thrown the baby out with the bath water.

In Victoria, this has been accompanied by the substitution of site value rating with capital improved rating–and in the site value rating states of New South Wales and Queensland by municipalities increasing the minimum rate–so that the poor subsidise the wealthy and carte blanche is delivered to holdouts who’ll now develop only when they’re good and ready, and when there’s big bucks to be made in escalating land values.

Government has become superfluous in Australia: private rent-seekers now run the show.

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  1. I agree the piper must now be paid. Meanwhile governments entertain themselves by shifting the deck chairs around on the Titanic. We all thought we could become billionaires in property rorts and no one have to work, because taxes fine you if you do. BIG BROTHER AND NEO-CLASSICAL ECONOMISTS SAY YOU MUST REPEAT THIS: “All hail escalating land prices and taxes on labour and capital!” I SAID REPEAT ….!

  2. right brian, im sure that would fix it all.
    your saying man can control the business cycle, by shifting funds around.
    The problem is already a failure of central planning, look at the interest rates and people cannot save so they speculate. Increase tax, cause an implossion, increase rates same thing, leave rates or lower pension funds blow up.
    Its been a party for 40 years now the piper must be payed, to bad that the people running up the debt have no intention of paying, fuking soundrels.

  3. Aborigines? Land sharks? No, but the aborigines of Australia do have a better idea: “Pay the rent”. However, the rent should not only be paid to them. If we ALL paid the rent for the land we occupy–and NO taxes–that’s is the only way to reconcile the people and the planet, grasshopper!

  4. Where did all the “money” or credit come from for this commenwealth??
    Im pretty sure the wealth came from england and abroad.
    The land sharks are the aborigines so give them back whats theres and depart if your serious.

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