1. Why do you prattle on about the rottenness of “increasing taxes” to the very person who wants to abolish ALL taxes. Learn the difference between a tax and a rent before I bother replying to you again.

  2. i read a little of that article and stopped, hogwash again….the better schools are private schools, which people have to shell out thousands for not having union teachers who are the mediocre of the bunch where houses are more expensive near these schools.
    It started speaking about cycles, yes cycles are hear and have been for eternity just like summer and winter moonsoon and non monsoon season etc etc just as in the business cycle….you cannot eleminate the business cycle sorry and cannot remove risk and have set values.
    We had set values with the gold standard and the rules were ingnored and it was abolished ala 1971 and the massive inflation and disaster we are in now trying to postpone the cycle of correction.
    You can try by increasing taxes, it will just lead to severe deflation by taking out more money than the cycle will on its on and make the depresssion that much more severe.
    Its all about cycles, just like a plane takes off it must land its gravity. The economy cannot keep expanding through borrowing bcause the debt level and interest payments increase more than production to service the previous cycle.

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