fair goLet’s not kid ourselves: Australia is no longer the country of the “fair go”.  The fair go was premised upon a mild and just redistribution, from Australia’s most privileged to the poorest.

Economic rent from land was the means, and the vehicles for this marginal wealth transfer were council rates, state and federal land taxes and death duties.

Menzies abolished the federal land tax in 1952; councils came the raw prawn and put their hands out in supplication to the Whitlam government to subsidise half local government revenues (and won out!); and by 1980 all state and federal death duties had been repealed.

Economic rationalism had done its job. From now on, the poor would be subsidised by the middle class, and those who controlled Nature’s inexhaustible storehouse were to be let off scot free.

Economic rationalism had amounted to thirty years of government acquiescence to the private plunder of Australia’s natural resources.

Australia’s intelligentsia still wonders about what could possibly have generated the enormously widening rift between the super wealthy and the rest of us.  It’s failed to get its head around the theory of rent: that the value of land and location does matter.

Australia sorely needs an ‘all-in’, single rate, land value-based wealth tax. That, and the 40% RSPT mining tax that wasn’t.

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  1. the problem is to much government full stop.
    to much welfare state.
    the gov should have peace officers, not police, not be in the education business, money supply business etc etc.
    What im saying is just a land tax will not work by giving the state revenue this way. What we have now is no good and a disaster, but the politicians who are now called “lawmakers” instead of public servants cannot fix a problem they created in the 1st place.
    The main issue is spending, the welfare state and promises which have been lies. Im not an ol boy at all. The previous generations have lived the good life and expect the state to look after them because they were told big daddy gov is looking after them if they are old and not working.
    Who is this big daddy? it doesnt have any money, it has to take it 1st.
    Lets not get into high taxes, inflation etc etc.

  2. You show remarkably little imagination or knowledge of history, Gonz, ol’ boy. And, yes, Alaskans do receive their annual cheque. We all could. And it could be much, much bigger than the Alaskans’.

  3. oh bryan, add up how much income, property, gst, beer, ciggs, petrol, etc etc etc taxes you pay and you’ll find you already pay maybe 70% and keep 30%
    if your lucky.
    theres not much more you can take before blood starts flowing i dont know where it all goes, probably in interest payments on previous debts as all money iis borrowed.
    If you tax only land like you say, and its less in tax overall than what you have now, then the government cannot function and must start cutting ala greece etc.
    So from what I understand, there is a debt crises nt a tax crises, you can take all the land and tax it only but the problem is still there. There is not enough coming in to pay expenses and interest.

  4. sweet im waiting for my weekly cheques, let me know ill send my bank details.
    There is no free lunch, stop trying to attack property rights, your a dangerous man lol. If yu tried to steal my shit id fix you up good and proper.
    Your problem is property prices or taxes im not sure which…we are going to the abyss dont worry nature sorts everything out eventually. everythig is being proped up by central banks causing distortions high taxes high cost of living.
    Its either they step aside and let nature work which is deflation liquidations etc im not sure how the populance wwould take that, or keep piling on debt which makes the problem worse down the road.
    Grow up mate, this is far beyond taxes its 50 years or more of state intervention and promises that have been lies. I know reality sucks but it cannot be denied.

  5. socialism is good untill you run out of others people money and ability to borrow.

    bryan your ideas are old and tired and lead to bankruptcy, the dream doesnt work.

    You dont produce or sell, you expect to eat and live the good life and have a fair “go” for free? Sweet deal tell me where i can buy those tickets i dont really want to work or think myself i want a fair “go” for free as well.

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