Poor Cats! Freo were too fast and strong, although your poor kicking early didn’t help. They shut down your run-on game and had you bombing long into a crowded goal square. You’ll have to introduce some pace from the twos, and you’ll need Josh Hunt’s experience in defence against Port Power next week.


Prime Minister Tony Abbott, eh? Let’s see if you can discover the need for a tax shift.

I say ’twas the hostile divisions in the ALP, plus the increasingly hard economic times and, yes, poor housing affordability what caused it. Will the record drubbing be made worse than it looked on TV last night when the votes of those who voted early are included?

And do I smell a double dissolution in the air down the track over carbon pollution?






















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One thought on “PS TO BIG DAY”

  1. It is the economy heading for the shitter and the high tax rates, and the borrowing and spending 250-300 billion in 5 years (i think). I wonder how much the interest payments alone are for that amount, but hey you can always tax more until the country is broken and on the way to civil war.
    1% interest is a tidy 2.5-3 billion, i doubt they borrowed at 1% i havent checked the bond prices.
    If Costello i mean Abbott cuts gov by 50% there should be good growth, but ill wager he wont cut his own neck and the economy keeps going downhill and the RBA tries the rate cutting to not much avail.

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