3 thoughts on “AFFORDABLE HOUSING?”

  1. i agree with you on the property being over valued, those that played the game and thought it was “well priced” will have to deal with their decision. You cannot mother people, they made their choice. Did anybody force them to not rent??
    Disinfo? what part is disinfo? maybe i can correct my view more clearly which is not understood.
    The only Disinfo i read here is “some 1” to correct this and that, the markets will correct themselves eventually when the gov and central bank get out of the way. The 1%, 69% or some number didnt create the bubble, it was government policies, so state the correct fact.

  2. Gonzo,

    Wake up pal.

    Admit you are threatened by the fact this site points out the distinctions between capital and egregious rent stolen by the 1% in this country.

    This site, Prosper, Macrobusiness and others are making well-informed judgements that the property bubble is due to implode, wiping out the wealth of 100s of thousands of Aussies at that time.

    Thus, this information stands as a warning to the rest of society, because Australia is NOT different and will experience real estate calamity, just as has happened throughout domestic and international history.

    On the other hand, you spring out of nowhere, mouth crap, and take on all the characteristics of a classic astroturfer, probably engaged to peddle disinformation.

    So, bring some intelligent conversation to the website or STFU.

  3. what are you going to do at the loop bar?? raise interest rates? Reading this site is like a broken record. Whinging about house prices, if you got some loans in late 90’s youd be in the money.

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