On Channel 2’s 7:30 Report tonight human rights lawyer Frank Brennan from the Australian Catholic University spoke about Australian refugee policy, namely, “Everyone will end up being sent offshore”, to quote minister Tony Burke.

Professor Brennan was rightly aghast, saying if the Labour and Liberal parties’ “shock and awe” tactics on boat people were to be accepted by the High Court it would mean “in jurisdictional terms that Australia can do whatever it likes”.

Yep, I certainly agree. It’s one of the least moral positions Australia has taken.

But is this not the same Frank Brennan who has managed to skirt deftly around the issue of the greatest human right of them all: the right of citizens to an equal share in their nation’s land and natural resource rents? [“The land shall not be sold ..”] Someday I’d like to hear Brennan speak on this most fundamental topic.  After all, he is a human rights lawyer.

Despite having high profile in the Australian community I’ve not heard Frank Brennan address the question of land rent since first I put it to him at a meeting at Holy Saviour Church Glen Waverley North in the 1980s.  Did he blanch at my question when I put it to him, or was it my imagination? His evasive response certainly failed to get to grips with it.

I’m still listening to you with great hope, Frank.  Australia sorely needs moral leadership on the point, particularly at this most critical time in world history.

By the way, this is not the same Frank Brennan–another Canberra lawyer–who wrote the excellent book “Canberra in Crisis”.  That Frank Brennan did not squib the issue. He was not afraid to speak out on capturing land rents for the people.


William Blackstone (1723-1780) “Commentaries”:

The earth, therefore, and all things therein, are the general property of all mankind, from the immediate gift of the creator.…there is no foundation in nature or in natural law why a set of words upon parchment should convey the dominion of land.


  1. Not even close, boyo. I agree with Henry George (look him up, read and digest) that Marx was “the prince of muddleheads”. And if we untaxed labour and capital and kept the lid on speculative bouts with a land tax, interest rates WOULD always be low – as they ought to be.

  2. oh and interest rates low all the time??? ahh why even have interest just print or credit digits in a computer and let every 1 be a trillionaire, there is enough food oil ferraris for every 1 to go around why even work? low interest rates forever, hehehe we should nominate yu to the RBA to give away free houses.

  3. You are a crazy marxist..the economy and society is collapsing because of marxism.
    Interest rates are set by the RBA and other central banks, to feed the welfare state also when the gov spends more than it takes in. Corrections are normal behaviour, yu should be shouting about gov involvment in the economy the banks are the child of the gov and its stupid greeedy tax policies.

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