chris-bowenAt least the new Treasurer, Chris Bowen, is prepared to admit there are hurdles ahead for the Australian economy. This is a change from Wayne Swan who accused people of “talking the economy down” if they found themselves unable to ignore the damning results of this rampantly extended period of rent-seeking. No, we shouldn’t shut up about it, Wayne: it has to be stopped.

But I doubt the Rudd-Bowen combination has the fortitude to tackle rent-seeking head-on before the election, despite Australians earnestly seeking a political leadership that is guided by principle instead of opinion polls.

If the government wants to demonstrate it has a spine, the first thing it should do is to scrap Julia Gillard’s minerals resource rent tax (MRRT), designed in a back room deal with the big miners, and replace it with Kevin Rudd’s original resource super profit tax (RSPT).  The MRRT is a shocker and yields nothing.

It would be a bold statement that Labor is prepared to address the real economic problems confronting Australia.

If it’s a difficult call for Labor, it would be an even more remarkable initiative for a new Liberal government under Tony Abbott.

It’s one policy for which the Greens should be admired.

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You say we need more funds to tackle poverty, homelessness, health, the environment, education and infrastructure? I say instituting the Henry Tax Review is a BIG step towards solving those problems.



One thought on “SHOW SOME SPINE, GUYS!”

  1. The government just introduced a deduction cap of $2000 for education and training expenses.
    In my line of work, if you purchase a Swiss made (Leica) laser scanner for 500k it would probably cost up to $10k to be properly trained to use both equipment and software. You can now only claim $2000 as a deduction.
    The only training you can get for 2k these days are the courses on how to get rich flipping property and how to negative gear.

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